Our Lucky Christmas

Our Lucky Christmas (Excerpt)

It was Christmas Eve in the Kootenays, British Columbia, in a place called Nipika. The sky was white, and it was snowing, the fluffy flakes descending lazily like battalions of miniature parachutists. Inside, I was curled up on the couch by the fire, reading about that poor orphan, Oliver Twist, who starts life slaving in a workhouse and gets tossed from good fate to bad, the bad being particularly nasty and the good being marvellous. Before I could see what fate befalls Oliver, I was distracted by the sound of barking and sat up to look out the window.

There are those who insist on dividing the world into two camps: the feline lovers and the canine lovers. We, being of the first camp, had never once been struck by the appeal of a wet nose, a thumping tail, and certainly never a slobbery kiss. But all this was about to change in the flash of a dark brown eye. […]

Source: Chicken SoupĀ for the Soul: It’s Christmas!, October 2014