Writing CV

Writing CV

Writing CV 2019

Barbara Black
Professional Writing CV and Related Artistic Activities

Literary Training and Education

  • Summer Literary Seminars Kenya, 2018: Fiction
  • Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, Independent Residency, Leighton Studios, 2018: Fiction
  • Deep Noticing for Distracted Writers, 2018: Workshop with Sarah Selecky
  • Vancouver Manuscript Intensive, 2016-2017: Solo Program
  • Undressing Your Master Poet, 2018: Workshop with Yvonne Blomer
  • The Living Room, 2018: Poetry Workshop with Carla Funk
  • Master Poet Workshop/Retreats, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016: with Patrick Lane
  • Disquiet International Literary Program, 2014: Short Fiction with Sally Ashton
  • Creative Non-Fiction, 2012: with Yvonne Blomer
  • Victoria School of Writing, 2004: Fiction Workshop with Patrick Lane
  • University of Victoria, 1981 to 1984: B.A. English Literature
  • University of British Columbia, 1978 to 1981: Arts and Education/Theatre

Awards and Scholarships

2019: Writers’ Trust/McClelland & Stewart Journey Prize: nomination of  “Velvet Voice” by Don’t Talk To Me About Love
2019: BC Council for the Arts: Project Assistance Grant for Creative Writers ($6000)
2018: Commonwealth Short Story Prize: Longlisted (out of 6,000 entries) (Fiction)
2018: Peter Hinchcliffe Short Fiction Award: Longlisted (Fiction)
2018: Summer Literary Seminars Contest: Kenya 2018 (Seminar Fellowship-Fiction)
2018: Canadian Songwriting Competition 2018: Double Semi-Finalist (Lyrics)
2018: Federation of BC Writers 2018 Literary Writes: First Prize (Poetry) ($350)
2018: Don’t Talk to Me About Love 2018 Prose Contest: Finalist (Fiction)
2017: Writers’ Union of Canada 24th Annual Short Prose Contest: First Prize ($2500)
2017: Summer Literary Seminars Contest: Finalist/Fellowship (Fiction)
2017: Don’t Talk to Me About Love 2017 Poetry Contest: First Prize ($1000)
2017: The Malahat Review 6th Annual Open Season Awards: Finalist (Fiction)
2016: James Joyce Bloomsday Short Fiction Contest: Second Prize ($200)
2015: Canadian Authors Association (Vancouver) Short Story Contest: Finalist
2014: Disquiet International Literature Award: Semi-finalist/scholarship (Poetry)
2013: Victoria Writers Festival 2013: Russell Books Scholarship (Poetry)
2013: VWS Annual Writing Competition 2013: Third Prize (Creative Non-fiction)
2013: Spark Anthology “Una Mujer” Literary Contest: First Prize (Poetry) ($500)
2013: Disquiet International Literature Award: Semi-finalist/scholarship (Poetry)
2011: Writers’ Union of Canada Short Fiction Contest: Finalist (Microfiction)
2011: Writers’ Union of Canada Short Fiction Contest: Double Semi-Finalist (Microfiction)
2005: Focus Magazine CoastLines Writing Contest: First Prize (Creative Non-fiction) ($2500 kayak trip for two)
2004: Victoria School of Writing: Honourable Mention (Postcard Fiction)
2002: Federation of BC Writers Literary Writes: Second Prize (Fiction)
2001: Federation of BC Writers Writing Slam 2001: Second Prize (Fiction)


  • Member, Federation of BC Writers
  • Associate Member, League of Canadian Poets


Magazines/Literary Journals

2018 Rockvale Review Issue Two, “Where Women Go in Middle Age,” 1 pg
2018 Prairie Fire Love Issue, Vol. 39 No. 1, “Belly-Deep in White Clover,” 4 pgs
2018 Federation of BC Writers WordWorksChild Bride, Hawkesbury, Ontario, 1918,” 1 pg
2018 Don’t Talk to Me About Love Magazine “Velvet Voice,” 3 pgs
2017 Don’t Talk to Me About Love Magazine “Microconundrums,” 1 pg
2017 Dying Dahlia Review “The Killing Fields, Cambodia,” “Faith in a Nordic Country,” 2 pgs
2016 Forage Poetry “Tsuniah Lake: August 2014,” 1 pg
2016 Kaaterskill Basin Literary Journal  “The Collector,” 4 pgs
2015 Fracture “Fishboy,” 1 pg
2015 Room Volume 38.4, Book Review of “The Freedom in American Songs,” 3 pgs
2014 The New Quarterly Issue 130, “Night People,” 4 pgs
2014 What Can’t Be Contained “Long Distance,” “It Is,” 2 pgs
2014 Tattoo Highway “Strange Attractors,” 1 pg
2014 Room Volume 37.2, Book Review of “A Bitter Mood of Clouds,” Room, 2014, 3 pgs
2013 Contemporary Verse 2 Vol. 36 No. 1, “Dream Sonnet 3,” “Why You Should Wear Gloves at Night,” “Fado I,” “Fado II,” Fado III,” 5 pgs
2013 FreeFall Blog Book Review of “Brown Dwarf,” 2 pgs
2013 Preparing the Way “Works of the Minor Gods,” 1 pg
2013 Island Writer Vol. 13, “Que Vive el Toro,” 4 pgs
2013 The Journal of Compressed Creative Arts “A Recipe,” 1 pg
2012 FreeFall Vol. XXII No. 1, “The Plot,” 1 pg
2012 Freefall Vol. XXII No. 1, “Herring Radio,” “Moth of Knives,” 4 pgs
2012 Love in the Time of Predators “Development,” 1 pg
2012 FreeFall Vol. XXII, No. 3, Book Review of “A Complete Encyclopedia of Different Types of People,” 4 pgs
2004 Focus Magazine Vol. 16 No. 8, “Chop Wood, Carry Water, Watch TV,” 3 pgs
2003 Sea Kayaker Vol. 20 No. 5, “Moby Dick in a Ziploc,” 3 pgs
2000-2003 North Shore News “Between the Lines,” bi-weekly opinion column, 144 pgs
2002 Monday Magazine Vol. 28 No. 43, “Night of the Living Alter Ego,” 1 pg
2001 Monday Magazine Vol. 27 No. 51, “Merry Chicken-mas,” 1 pg
2001 Monday Magazine Vol. 27 No. 39, “Mainstreaming the Fringes,” 1 pg


  • 2019 Collected Haiku, League of Canadian Poets Chapbook Series, League of Canadian Poets, 688 Richmond Street West, Unit 101, Toronto, Ontario, “snowy owl calls,” “frozen river,” 1 pg
  • 2018 Heartwood: Poems for the Love of Trees, An Anthology, League of Canadian Poets, 688 Richmond Street West, Unit 101, Toronto, Ontario, Canada “Rainforest,” 1 pg
  • 2017 Christmas Miracles, Chicken Soup for the Soul Special Edition: Topix Media Lab, New York, NY, editor Jeff Ashworth, “Our Lucky Christmas,” 4 pgs
  • 2014 Chicken Soup for the Soul: Christmas in Canada, Chicken Soup for the Soul Publishing, Cos Cob, CT, editors Amy Newmark & Janet Matthews, “The Great Chicken Escape,” 3 pgs
  • 2013 Poems from Planet Earth, Leaf Press, Victoria, BC, editors Yvonne Blomer, Cynthia Woodman Kerkham, “Granny Larocque,” 1 pg
  • 2013 Chicken Soup for the Soul: It’s Christmas, Chicken Soup for the Soul Publishing, Cos Cob, CT, editors Amy Newmark & Janet Matthews, “Our Lucky Christmas,” 4 pgs
  • 2013 Spark: A Creative Anthology, Empire & Great Jones Creative Arts Foundation, Riverton, UT, editor Brian Lewis, “Sister Eugenie’s Wonderful Glass Eye,” 1 pg

 Poetry and Prose Readings, Collaborations

2019: Writer/Composer Collaboration (Barbara Black/Michael Park), Victoria/Vancouver, Erato Ensemble
2018: Writer/Composer Collaboration (Barbara Black/Robert Strobel), Victoria/Illinois
2018: Writer/ Photographer Collaboration (Barbara Black/Susan Smith), Victoria/Philadelphia
2018: Writer/Musician /Visual Arts Collaboration (Barbara Black/Jay Knutson), Victoria/Vancouver, BC
2018: Art Song Lab 2018, Writer/Composer Collaboration, (Barbara Black/Martha Schmidt; Barbara Black/Christopher Reiche), Vancouver, BC
2018: The Fall: Canadian Music, Writer/Composer Collaboration, (Barbara Black/Allison Cociani), Baumann Centre, Victoria, BC
2017: Remembrance Day for Lost Species Poetry Competition and Event, finalists reading, Dublin, Ireland
2017: Feroce: Canadian Women Compose, Writer/Composer Collaboration (Barbara Black/Lynne Penhale), James Bay United Church, Victoria, BC
2016: PRESENT/TENSE 10, ROMP Festival, Writer/Dancer Collaboration (Barbara Black/David Ferguson and Andrea Robyn Bayne), Metro Theatre, Victoria, BC
2016: James Joyce Bloomsday Short Fiction winners reading, James Joyce Bistro, Victoria, BC
2016: Leaf Press Fracture anthology launch, Planet Earth Poetry, Victoria, BC
2015: The Spark Project 27, Writer/Artist/Musicians collaborations, online
2014: Disquiet International Literary Program, participant readings, Lisbon, Portugal
Ongoing: Planet Earth Poetry’s open mic nights in Victoria, BC
2013: PRESENT/TENSE 8, ROMP Festival, Writer/Dancer Collaboration (Barbara Black/Paras Terezakis), Centennial Square, Victoria, BC
2012: Gibsons Art Gallery, “Hallelujah” tribute to Leonard Cohen, poetry reading and song performance, Gibsons, BC