Writing CV

Writing CV

Writing CV 2018

Barbara Black
Professional Writing CV


  • Vancouver Manuscript Intensive, 2016-2017: Solo Program
  • University of Victoria, Fall 2000: Communication Planning
  • University of Victoria, Fall 1997: Public Relations Theory and Practice
  • Simon Fraser University, 1987: Education Professional Development Program
  • University of Victoria, 1984-1985: Unclassified Studies French Language
  • University of Victoria, 1981 to 1984: B.A. English Literature
  • University of British Columbia, 1978 to 1981: Arts and Education/Theatre


Literary Journals/Magazines

2018 Rockvale Review Issue Two, “Where Women Go in Middle Age,” 1 pg
2018 Prairie Fire: Love issue, Vol. 39 No. 1, “Belly-Deep in White Clover,” 4 pgs
2018 Federation of BC Writers WordWorks “Child Bride, Hawkesbury, Ontario, 1918,” 1 pg
2018 Don’t Talk to Me About Love Magazine “Velvet Voice,” 3 pgs
2017 Don’t Talk to Me About Love Magazine “Microconundrums,” 1 pg
2017 Dying Dahlia Review “The Killing Fields, Cambodia,” “Faith in a Nordic Country, 1935,” 2 pgs
2016 Forage Poetry “Tsuniah Lake: August 2014,” 1 pg
2016 Kaaterskill Basin Literary Journal  “The Collector,” 4 pgs
2016 Fracture “Fishboy,” 1 pg
2015 Room Volume 38.4, Book Review of “The Freedom in American Songs,” 3 pgs
2014 The New Quarterly Number 130, “Night People,” 4 pgs
2014 What Can’t Be Contained “Long Distance,” “It Is,” 2 pgs
2014 Tattoo Highway “Strange Attractors,” 1 pg
2014 Room Volume 37.2, Book Review of “A Bitter Mood of Clouds,” 3 pgs
2013 Contemporary Verse 2 Vol. 36 No. 1, “Dream Sonnet 3,” “Why You Should Wear Gloves at Night,” “Fado I,” “Fado II,” Fado III,” 5 pgs
2013 FreeFall Blog, Book Review of “Brown Dwarf,” 2 pgs
2013 Preparing the Way “Works of the Minor Gods,” 1 pg
2013 Island Writer Vol. 13, “Que Vive el Toro,” 4 pgs
2013 The Journal of Compressed Creative Arts “A Recipe,” 1 pg
2012 FreeFall Vol. XXII No. 1, “The Plot,” 1 pg
2012 FreeFall Vol. XXII No. 1, “Herring Radio,” “Moth of Knives,” 4 pgs
2012 Love in the Time of Predators “Development,” 1 pg
2012 FreeFall Vol. XXII No. 3, Book Review of “A Complete Encyclopedia of Different Types of People,” 4 pgs
2011 UpperStory “Journey Through Time: Sweden to Canada,” 4 pgs
2004 Focus Magazine Vol. 16 No. 8, “Chop Wood, Carry Water, Watch TV,” 3 pgs
2003 Sea Kayaker Vol. 20 No. 5, “Moby Dick in a Ziploc,” 3 pgs
2000-2003 North Shore News “Between the Lines,” bi-weekly opinion column, 144 pgs
2002 Monday Magazine Vol. 28 No. 43, “Night of the Living Alter Ego,” 1 pg
2001 Monday Magazine Vol. 27 No. 51, “Merry Chicken-mas,” 1 pg
2001 Monday Magazine Vol. 27 No. 39, “Mainstreaming the Fringes,” 1 pg
2001 Canadian Flight Magazine “Fly to East Barriere Lake,” 3 pgs


  • 2018 Heartwood: Poems for the Love of Trees, An Anthology, League of Canadian Poets, 688 Richmond Street West, Unit 101, Toronto, Ontario, Canada “Rainforest,” 1 pg
  • 2017 Christmas Miracles, Chicken Soup for the Soul Special Edition: Topix Media Lab, New York, NY, editor Jeff Ashworth, “Our Lucky Christmas,” 4 pgs
  • 2014 Chicken Soup for the Soul: Christmas in Canada, Chicken Soup for the Soul Publishing, Cos Cob, CT, editors Amy Newmark & Janet Matthews, “The Great Chicken Escape,” 3 pgs
  • 2013 Poems from Planet Earth, Leaf Press, Lantzville, BC, editors Yvonne Blomer, Cynthia Woodman Kerkham, “Granny Larocque,” 1 pg
  • 2013 Chicken Soup for the Soul: It’s Christmas, Chicken Soup for the Soul Publishing, Cos Cob, CT, editors Amy Newmark & Janet Matthews, “Our Lucky Christmas,” 4 pgs
  • 2013 Spark: A Creative Anthology, Empire & Great Jones Creative Arts Foundation, Riverton, UT, editor Brian Lewis, “Sister Eugenie’s Wonderful Glass Eye,” 1 pg

Awards and Scholarships

2018: Commonwealth Short Story Prize: Longlist
2018: Peter Hinchcliffe Short Fiction Award: Longlisted (Fiction)
2018: Summer Literary Seminars Contest: Kenya 2018 Seminar Fellowship
2018: Canadian Songwriting Competition 2018: Double Semi-Finalist (Lyrics)
2018: Federation of BC Writers 2018 Literary Writes: First Prize (Poetry) ($350)
2018: Don’t Talk to Me About Love 2018 Prose Contest: Finalist (Fiction)
2017: Writers’ Union of Canada 24th Annual Short Prose Contest: First Prize ($2500)
2017: Summer Literary Seminars Contest: Finalist/fellowship (Fiction)
2017: Don’t Talk to Me About Love 2017 Poetry Contest: First Prize ($1000)
2017: The Malahat Review 6th Annual Open Season Awards: Finalist (Fiction)
2016: James Joyce Bloomsday Short Fiction Contest: Second Prize ($200)
2015: Canadian Authors Association (Vancouver) Short Story Contest: Finalist
2014: Disquiet International Literature Award: Semi-finalist/scholarship (Poetry)
2013: Victoria Writers Festival 2013: Russell Books Scholarship (Poetry)
2013: VWS Annual Writing Competition 2013: Third Prize (Creative Non-fiction)
2013: Spark Anthology “Una Mujer” Literary Contest: First Prize (Poetry) ($500)
2013: Vine Leaves Literary Journal Contest: Semi-finalist (Vignette)
2013: Disquiet International Literature Award: Semi-finalist/scholarship (Poetry)
2011: Writers’ Union of Canada Short Fiction Contest: Finalist (Microfiction)
2011: Writers’ Union of Canada Short Fiction Contest: Double Semi-Finalist (Microfiction)
2005: Focus Magazine CoastLines Writing Contest: First Prize (Creative Non-fiction) ($2500 kayak trip for two)
2004: Victoria School of Writing: Honourable Mention (Postcard Fiction)
2002: Federation of BC Writers Literary Writes: Second Prize (Fiction)
2001: Federation of BC Writers Writing Slam 2001: Second Prize (Fiction)
2001: BC Festival of the Arts: Qualifying Entrant (Fiction)

Poetry and Prose Readings, Collaborations

2018: Writer/ Photographer Collaboration (Barbara Black/Susan Smith), Victoria/Philadelphia
2018: Writer/Musician /Visual Arts Collaboration (Barbara Black/Jay Knutson), Victoria/Vancouver, BC
June 2018: Art Song Lab 2018, poet-composer collaboration, Vancouver, BC
February 2018: The Fall: Canadian Music, poet-composer collaboration, Baumann Centre, Victoria, BC
November 2017: Remembrance Day for Lost Species Poetry Competition and Event, finalists reading, Dublin, Ireland
November 2017: Feroce: Canadian Women Compose, poet-composer collaboration James Bay United Church, Victoria, BC
July 2016: PRESENT/TENSE 10, ROMP Festival, writer-dancer collaboration, Victoria, BC
June 2016: James Joyce Bloomsday Short Fiction, winners reading, Victoria, BC
March 2016: Leaf Press Fracture anthology launch, Planet Earth Poetry, Victoria, BC
December 2015: The Spark Project 27, writer-artist-musicians collaborations, online
July 2014: Disquiet International Literary Program, participant readings, Lisbon, Portugal
2013-2016: Planet Earth Poetry open mic nights in Victoria, BC
December 2013: Victoria Writers Society, annual contest winners reading
August 2013: PRESENT/TENSE 8, ROMP Festival, writer-dancer collaboration, Victoria, BC
November 2012: Gibsons Art Gallery, “Hallelujah” tribute to Leonard Cohen, poetry reading and song performance, Gibsons, BC
December 2011: SFU: The Writer’s Studio reading series, Vancouver, BC
December 2010: Passages: Reflections on the Dark Side, ChickLits Writers Group public reading, North Vancouver, BC
Summer 2001: Federation of BC Writers Word Slam, reading, Victoria, BC
2001-2002: Victoria School of Writing, Sundays at the JBI reading series, Victoria, BC

Biographical Background

Barbara Black has had a varied career in writing and editing, including stints as an opinion and travel columnist and book, theatre, and film reviewer. She has designed courses for Open School BC as well as written and edited many public relations and government documents. Recently she has refocussed her energies to literary writing. Other areas of interest include ten years of vocal training which led to participation in the Pacific Opera Victoria chorus, as well as work as an oratorio soloist and jazz singer. She has attended numerous workshops in several disciplines including poetry retreats with Patrick Lane, The Disquiet International Literary Program in Lisbon, The Banff Puppet Theatre Intensive,  Rhiannon’s Vocal Improv, and the Advanced Solo Voice Program with Nancy Argenta and Ingrid Attrot. Her latest passion is motorcycling.