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I’ll Have a Double

Today I launch my public Facebook page as Barbara Black—writer. A page which exists like a mirror-image in virtual land facing the other me, the so-called “private” me on my personal Facebook page. Together we form a “we” that may or may not be me, but which partially is. Which brings me to the matter […]

Stories Told and Untold

I recoil from collective confessional, so the recent “Me Too” movement was not as helpful to me as it might have been to others. I realize there are any number of ways to address exploitation, but for me collective public confession is not one of them. It lacks specificity. As a private person (despite Facebook […]

Bugs and Beyond

Good news. My manuscript of short stories, Music from a Strange Planet, is nearing completion. It began as a series of flash fictions exploring the intersection of human and insect existence. It has since evolved, or shall we say, “metamorphosed” into something greater in length and less narrow in scope than its original inception. For a […]

The Undertow

I state categorically at the Santa Cruz amusement park that I want to go on The Most Terrible Ride. Hopefully I didn’t reveal too much about my present state of mind with that utterance. The vintage rollercoaster is my first choice. But there’s a distinct absence of terrifying screams coming from it—my optimal ride determinator. […]